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 Test Pass Detox
Stealth Label!
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  • Effective detox that will cleanse your body of toxins and leave a clean window of about 5 to 7 hours, effective 1 hour or less after drinking. Has directions on bottle which you must follow precisely to obtain the best cleansing effects.

    This stuff really works well, I've used it a number of times myself with satisfying test results everytime (test negative). This stuff sells in other stores for $35 or more a bottle, here I am selling for $25 + $4 for shipping, and this will be shipped automatically Priority Mail. (a bit of the $25 is used to help cover that cost).


Test Pass Detox 

Max Strength for persons 180+ pounds 

Great if you have Higher Toxin Levels! 

Peel-Off Label Changes Bottle into a Common Cherry Energy Drink! 

Sweet Cherry Flavor! Works in 1 Hour! 

Max Strength for persons 180+ pounds
Great if you have Higher Toxin Levels!

Test Pass is the most complex & complete formula available on the market today. The result is toxin free and balanced urine chemistry for both men and women! Test Pass is undetectable and updated for 2005 so it's 100% effective on all the new testing techniques and equipment. Sweet Cherry Flavor! Works in 1 Hour!
Pricing Information:

One - 16 oz. bottle 

$25.00 plus shipping

Shipping is $4.

Buy 1 16oz bottle of Test Pass Detox for $25