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  • 9-11 Petition - A Petition to require the immediate release of the entire report completed in July 2004 by the Department of Justice‚Äôs Office of the Inspector General (DOJ-IG) of its investigation into confirmed reports by FBI Whistleblower Sibel Edmonds, but which has remained classified; and further Petition that it be followed by a joint investigation by Congress, including open public hearings, into those reports of wrongdoing, criminal activities, and cover-ups against the security and interests of the United States and its citizenry.

  • Chronic Smoke

    raggadagga dragon pipe
    Capillaris Herba
    "POTENT" botanical
    Herbal Smoking Alternative
    Brand New Formula
    Looks, tastes and smells like chronic, and the high is so similar you'll be thinking it's the real thing!

    Capillaris Herba 5x

    It's Like The REAL Thing, but Will NOT Show up in Drug Tests!
    After Exhaustive Testing,
    the PERFECT Formulation is Finally Here!

    Updated Feb 12, 2006
    : US citizens, Added link to 9-11 Petition, visit it for more info and sign it please! 100,000's of signatures are needed, send it to all of your friends, everyone you know.

    More orange Kush buds have arrived, and another more pricey blend, Herbal Dro., our current best, better than the KB. Capillaris Herba buds, and Sweetgrass available, fresh sticky icky. Pictures online. We are currently out of the Chronic Smoke herbal blends, cant say when more may be available... We currently take credit card orders thru shopping cart and E-gold. If you wish to pay with E-gold please let me know and I will give the account number to send funds to.

    New legal marijuana substitute thats gets you high just like the real thing. Is an exclusive, kiffened; compressed-leaf, primo modino, "Sensitive" / "Responsive", Smoking / Brewing Herba which may be, depending upon preference, rolled or bowled or brewed. Compresssed but potent, light green buds.
    Orange Kush buds
    Fery neece-a smell und sume-a feesible-a crystels, peecs ooff prudooct ere-a oon pege-a. boods ere-a smell tu medeeoom seeze-a, sume-a lerger boods, pooffffy nut cumpressed veet muny red/oorunge-a heurs und a beet crystelly. Bork bork bork! feesible-a treechumes, kuna qooeleety. Bork bork bork! fery neece-a.
    Capillaris Herba 5x
    A very sedate Smoke/Brew in leafy, herb form. Allows Sensetivities and sensualities... even the munchies! Can help with insomnia and allows for lucid dreaming. Also good anesthetic, pain relieving qualities. Current strain is compressed but potent, dark green buds with some orange hars, visible trichomes. Best broken apart or use an herb grinder before consuming.

    Herbal Dro buds
    Coorrent streeen is medeeoom, sume-a lerge-a seeze-a, pooffffy boods. Um gesh dee bork, bork! Thees blend is dru, qooeete-a crystelly und muny feesible-a treechumes. Um gesh dee bork, bork! Luuks elmust leeke-a zee Koosh boot mure-a crystels und deefffferent teste-a. Elsu zee must ixpenseefe-a ooff oooor prudoocts. Um gesh dee bork, bork!
    This is what the name says, like Doobiedust. It may be shaky but it still has the medicinal qualities and potency. Had many seeds, at least 90% of seeds have been removed before packaging. Great for cooking, brewing as tea, or rolling into joint or blunt.

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